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I’m Ross Anderson-Doherty and I’m The Voice Bear because I use my voice a lot, teach voice a lot and, you know, I look a bit like a bear.

As a performer I have been hugely lucky and have collaborated with such tremendous organisations as Outburst Queer Arts Festival, Bruiser Theatre Company, Victoria College of the Arts, Melbourne and all sorts of other exciting people. Most recently I was a member of the GL RY Project in Melbourne for the 2014 World AIDS Conference. Working with a group of such talented artists and theatre makers to question awareness about HIV and AIDS and highlight women’s experienced of living with HIV was a wonderful experience and brought together all my interests in theatre research, music, cabaret and exploring new modes of performance.

Feel free to have a look about the website and give me a shout if you need a big, bearded singer for any occasion.

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As well as singing and being silly on stage I also love teaching voice. I have been teaching for over a decade; running a lively private studio; teaching voice in the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen’s University Belfast; facilitating voice workshops for actors, singers, choirs and public speakers throughout the UK and Ireland. I specialise in and am a Certified Master Teacher of Estill Voice Training.

I love Estill for many reasons but chief among them is the fact that it removes hyper mythology surrounding voice teaching with science and gives the voice-user control by teaching them to ‘listen’ to their muscles and not just the sounds they make. The joy of that is all ways of using voice are accepted and celebrated so long as they’re safe.

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Get on over to YouTube for a wee listen to my frequent collaborator Martin Byrne and myself.

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Check out Martin Byrne and myself every Thursday at Maverick, Belfast from 10pm.

You can catch me weekends at the glamorous Cabaret Supper Club, hosting, singing and purveying fine craic.

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The stand-out performances are Joseph Derrington’s puppyish Algy and Ross Anderson-Doherty’s wonderfully enunciated Lady Bracknell.

Jane Coyle, The Stage

Anderson-Doherty’s pragmatically stubborn and no nonsense Lady Bracknell avoids the temptation to become a pantomime dame, yet creates a rounded character that cannot be ignored amongst the ensemble cast.

Alan Meban, Alan In Belfast

The star of the first half, among one or two ho-hum performances, was undoubtedly Lady Bracknell played by Ross Anderson-Doherty complete with five o’clock shadow. He articulated those snobbish put-downs and some of the best Wildean aphorisms with real Aunt Augusta aplomb.

Jane Hardy, The Irish News

The cast members are all fabulous and inhabit the roles given to them, especially Ross Anderson-Doherty who somewhat steals the show with a captivating turn as the firey rapid fire speaking Lady Bracknell.

Chris Caldwell, Pastie Bap

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